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Hey everyone,

I am looking for nice quality pictures to use under my sepcies section of my site. You will get credit for them. Right now I am looking for P.aurotaenia and P.lugubris. pictures only to round our the Phyllobates section.

If you want to see a sample of what I need you can look at these pages that are close to being done (for now)


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Very nice Ed!
The site looks great!
The main size I need is a 6x4 for the top picture,
if you have one your willing to part with let me know!

If you have a banner or need one made up, I would like to link your site.

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Don't worry, an expansion will be coming.
I am going to need tincs, and vents, but with the mass numbers I am holding off until I have a lot of free time ;)

Thanks for the compliments on the design... it has only taken 5 years to find a style I like :shock:
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