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natural gas smell in my vivarium

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My setup has a slight natural gas smell to it. the tank has a water feature that runs over some wood. Is this something that should concern me?
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So, what did you end up doing for ventilation???

IMO around 10percent of the lid should be vent. I would never fully encapsulate a viv with glass ;) That is just asking for anaerobic decomp, and the production of such byproducts.

Also, i'm sure it helps in aerating the soil if you have microfauna such as isopods and springtails burrowing through the soil. Plenty of us in utah have cultures of several varieties on hand.

On a further note,
On the scale of toxicity, HCN (cyanide) is 2 times more toxic than H2S in terms of ppm. To a human 100ppm of H2S is considered IDLH (immediately dangerous to life and health). However, it can be detected by the human nose at concentrations of .47ppb (far from the danger zone). In terms of amphibians, I have no idea the toxicity. On one hand they have much less mass then us, then on the other hand, they have a much lower rate of respiration than us. Just make sure to post no smoking signs in the viv, as it is a flammable gas :)
I agree that all tanks should have at least some ventilation. Not only will it help anaerobic conditions it will also help with heat buildup and IMO will result in an overall healthy vivarium.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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