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natural gas smell in my vivarium

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My setup has a slight natural gas smell to it. the tank has a water feature that runs over some wood. Is this something that should concern me?
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i think Ed might actually be my herpetology/evolution prof from college... except that his name was doug lol but they have the same type of intelligence and even in the same field! although my prof was more of a snake/lizard guy
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I would trust Ed on this one...

do you have a pump installed for any water circulation? does the ground feel soggy instead of moist?

If i were you I would try to fix it by installing a water pump if you don't already have one, or drain some of your water. since there are no inhabitants yet leave the lid open for a few hours to help air it out. maybe reseed with springtails (if you don't have these yet, you should get them when you get a chance

good luck!
They teach most of this stuff in school... you just have to remember it. ;)


LOL what were you a triple major in organic chemistry, herpetology, and botany???
if you have a pond area or something you could try putting an aerator like in fish tank... maybe it will aerate your soil and water better and help? just an idea, don't have a clue if it would work or not...
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I am not even comparable. I've had the pleasure to have spent time with some truly gifted people at several times in my life and I have absolutely no illusions of where I am on the scale.

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lol I could do this all day Ed...
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