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I went to visit Justin (andersonii85) today at his new job at NAIB. WOW! What a cool job. Thanks again Justin!

Here are a few of frogs from the main displays. I'll let your imaginations run wild as to what is behind the scenes! :wink: It blew me away! NAIB has pumilio upon pumilio, HUGE tincs of all sorts, and histrionicus!! Amazing.

These guys are still my favorite. There are about 50 of these frogs at NAIB. Surprisingly they enjoy room temperatures of only 66 degrees.

Atelopus zeteki:

One of my favorite pumilio from Panama:

A bold 'yellow back' came right up to the glass!

P. terriblis:

I think I have the most fun stalking the baby tricolors in the rain forrest exhibit.

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Hopefully Justin will get the Mid-Atlantic Dendro Club a behind the scenes pass...I'm know Mike is talking to him about it. I really excited to check it out. Great shots by the way!
I love the terriblis picture, has anyone ever noticed that terriblis always photograph really well (especially against a dark background)!!
I love the tricolor baby-such a cutsie... :D
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