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National Aquarium in Baltimore part 1. *dial-up warning*

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Good evening froggers,
What looked like the beginings of another boring Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day for taking pictures. I had planned on going fishing in PA this morning but news of flooding ended my trip. Instead I grabbed the camera, jumped in the car and headed to downtown Baltimore.


Atelopus zeteki:

D. auratus:

D. azureus

D. galactonotus

D. imitator

D. leucomelas

Don't forget to check out parts 2 and 3!
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Very nice pictures. The A. zeteki looks like it's made from plastic.
I totally agree. They almost look fake. I think it's the stance they pose in, its totally stern.
With the D. Galac is that monstera dubia?
If you are talking about the plant... I have no idea.
But, cool observation.

is i remember some of the new tanks (the one with the D. Galac, the monkey frogs and the vine snake) have one or 2 sinthetic plants on the fake tree roots but moast of the plants were real, whare where you going fishing?
is i remember some of the new tanks (the one with the D. Galac, the monkey frogs and the vine snake)
Gotta love those mixes...
yeh they anoy me 2
Found this in a frognet gallery. Check it out, it's the same frog:

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Do you happen to have any shots of the enclosures and habitat setups?
I was just going to the Susquehanna for small mouth.

Thats it!

Let me check my PC at home. I didn't have a huge memory card with me so I was limited on the number of pictures I could take. Most of my pictures are cropped to maximize the detail of the frog. I can look to see if any really show the enclosure.

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