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Yes, it is regular brown coco fiber. For some reason the pictures make it look red. And this is after I have already turned down the red saturation in Photoshop! I believe the cause of the reddish photos is my lights. I have one 48" ReptiSun bulb, and two 18" ReptiSun bulbs, which are fine. But I also have up there a dual 48" flourescent fixture, which has two bulbs in it that are supposed to be "plant grow" bulbs. But I can see the red tone to them just by looking at it.

The photos just accentuate the redness. In fact, I had heard that the Nikon digital cameras enhance the red anyway (mine is a CoolPix 885). I don't really like it, but it was cheap. It feels too "amateur". I was a professional photographer, ( if you're curious, you can see some photos at ) and like the feel of my Nikon SLR film camera, but I felt I was losing too much image quality by scanning the images with my cheesy scanner.

Someday I want to get a couple daylight balanced bulbs for it. I think it would look a whole lot better anyway. In fact, I will likely just wait until I can afford to get a compact flourescent set-up from that ah supply place, which is conveniently located just 10-15 minutes away. :)

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Hello there everyone,

I just thought I would post some updated pictures of my vivarium. I made a few changes. I added more bromeliads, and also some nice moss I found outside. Plus I tried to create more cover / shelter at the ground level. The new Bromeliads are from Cloud Jungle, who I highly recommend.

Man, that crepping fig grows fast. The pics are just a little over 3 weeks older than the other pics.


Thanks for looking. :)

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It's looking good! One comment I have is where you've mounted the plants: from the broms and ferns seem pretty evenly spaced on the wall and floor. I would suggest grouping them a bit more together and irregularly. For example, putting another fern (same type, smaller size) to the upper left of the large one already established on the right. Then, right to the left of the established one, put one of the broms there. Both those reddish plants in the lower left together are too much the I would move one of them (maybe take the red brom and use it by the ferns I suggested above). I would then take the fern mounted on the left side of the wall and move it much lower...basically right on the ground. I would try to create some lines that aren't parallel and perpendicular, but move more diagonally and haphazardly through the viv.

Just some suggestions.[/img]

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Much improved! Pretty soon you will be cursing that creeping fig... you are right on the verge of a ficus mutiny! You'll be tearing it away from all your other mounted plants. You comment that you can't believe how fast it is growin in... once there, it grows out just as quickly.

Joking aside, I have it in my main display viv and do like the look... though I'm bummed I spent so much on cork only to have it compltely covered. I hear the [tons of] pruned leaves/vines make good tad food.

Until they are rooted, you might want to put some wet spagnum around the base of the broms. They'll anchor faster, and I've had a few dry out despite keeping their cups full without the moss.

I think that tank will be great with a large group of leucs!

Keep us posted!


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Sadly, I do not have any construction photos. Terribly sorry. But I am certainly willing to answer any questions anyone may have. :)

And yeah I heard the Russel Crowe thing a few times. But not recently. Hee hee.
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