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my vivaria and posts

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EDIT(title was supposed to be my vivaria and first post if a mod could change this?)

hey folks i often float about reading threads but for some reason have never bothered to post i use a few uk forums(reptile forum uk and dendroworld) but seeing as this forum tends to be the most active and knowledgeable thought id show my 2 vivs and say hello :)

here is my first viv currently houses 4 juvinile tincs (patricia)

and 1 of the inhabitance

and here is my second viv i have only just recently made(last week) got a few more plants on order and it needs a good few weeks of growing in before i add anything but im thinking vents

and the two together

and finally the first viv again but back in august 2010 im very pleased with how well its grown in
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cheers folks :) first is l18 w18 h24 second is l12 w12 h18
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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