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Hi Guys and Girls,
My name is Will Wohlers and I am making my first ever post today! I am 27 years old and I have been keeping darts off and on for the last twelve years and have been back in the hobby now for about 2 years. Reptiles and amphibians are a passion of mine, and I currently have over ten species of snakes (my main passion though that is quickly changing) totaling over 150 animals. The bulk of my snake collection is ball pythons and their color morphs. I was born and raised in Houston Texas, and I quickly fell in love with catching snakes, frogs and lizards (basically anything I could find) on a daily basis. I started keeping frogs and toads I would find when I was about 6 or 7, and my mom finally let me buy my first snake when I was 10. Theres been no looking back since then, and have been keeping herps ever since. I go to school at UNCA in Asheville NC, and am almost done with a bachelors in biology. I have been a watcher of dendroboard for a long time, but just joined in the past 3-4 months. Today is the day I finally come out of the shadows and say hello.

Now onto frogs. I have an extensive dart collection, but the majority of my collection is more common frogs (not that thats a bad thing) like tincs, anthonyi, tricolors, leucs, auratus, bicolor and quite a few thumbs such as vents, lamasi, imitators, retics, amazonicus etc.

Recently I purchased my first pumilio. I purchased two different pairs from a fell db member here named Sidney Ferrell (aka Cairo). I received my frogs on Wednesday and wanted to give them some time to settle in before trying to get pictures. Anyway nice to meet you guys, I am going to post 2 new threads one for each pair I purchased so you guys are going to have to be patient with me while I get pics of them up. thanks guys
Will Wohlers (wohlerswi)
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