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My new Fine Spotted Leucs came in today! Also a Vent party !

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Hey all !

Finally warm weather at last :cool: ! Just picked up this morning the package with my 4 new "fine spot" leucs ! They look amazing(Thank you Beth) and they were well packaged and all arrived great. I put them into my 15 gallon "Q-Tank" and after they pass a few fecals they will go into my split 55 gal tank.

Here are a few pics of the new darts:





Couple random shots:

Also after I put these leucs in, my Vents were apparently having a party.....The male is on the bottom, he was calling his head off today ! He was also following a few of the other vents while he called thats a good sign right?

Thanks for looking all !
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LUCKY!! I have always wanted fine spotted leucs. They are awesome. Right now I have banded leucs, which are pretty cool as well. Frogs look great, congrats.
Thanks all ! Yeah I planned on gettin normal or banded leucs until I saw these little guys, then I HAD to get them hah.
The vent party picture made laugh haha and nice leucs as well
Good looking frogs all the way around....Congrats.
I want those too... What's beth's username here? got it from her right?
thanks guys ! Yeah got them from Beth. I think it is bcs tx, but i hear she has alot of interest in the remaining ones...
Sweet frogs I love leucs
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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