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Well I finally have to post my new vivs.

I want to thank all the members of the forum, for all the inspiration and all the helpful posts that are here.

English is my second language, so if you see something weird, well thats why.

I made 4 vivs that are 18x18x18. If anything is wrong with them, please tell me so I can change it. But I hope I dont disappoint.

The pictures were taken wit my Iphone, thats why they are not very good.

This is the rack

I found this weird frog, can some one give me an ID? :)

Viv5.jpg picture by antoniolugozazueta - Photobucket

Viv6.jpg picture by antoniolugozazueta - Photobucket

Almost done!

Here are some pics of my frogs.

These are my two vanzolinii. I know I have a male, my guess is I have 2 males.

My Alanis in their new viv.

3 of my 4 cits, Im waiting for the 3 of the to grow to keep a female.

My new addition pumilio Bastimentos.

Tinctorius Powder Blue

My alanis again

Powder blue

One of my Cobalts

Well, I think I have to borrow a camera to take more pictures, the light in the vivs is too bright and the pictures look bad.

Hope you like them:)


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here is the rack. Testing the new viv.

All vivs

Building my first viv.

Rare frog I found hopping around, can anyone ID it please? :)

Almost done with them.

Some pics of my frogs.

2 male Powder blue

My alanis

My new Bastie.

Vanzolinii I think I have 2 males, one started calling.

Brazilian yellows


Hope I got it right this time.
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