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my jungle

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the tought of getting a large tank was playing a long time in my head and now i've got it. i chose a tank (cm) 100*50*70. the frogs that i want to house in it are amazonicus and my couple aff. hahneli.

then the works could start, first i've build a closet.

tank arrived

hidden the pump and heater.

placed the wood and rocks

now was the question is the stream going to run like i wanted and yes.

a few days later my plants arrived and the tank could be finished.

some pic of the plants

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Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Please post more updates as it grows in. :)
Very nice. This is going to look great when it grows in - do keep us updated.
I love seeing tanks from start to finish. It looks great!
yeah he's freshley planted, so it needs a lot of growing in to do.
but i'm pleased.
Tank is looking really good, and I bet once it is grown in it will be super stunning!
Oh... nice! I'm subscribed. Great job
WOW!! looks great!!!

one thing that caught my eye though:

the frogs that i want to house in it are amazonicus and my couple aff. hahneli.
1. lucky... i want E. aff.hahneli!!!!!

2. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! please search mixing... i really hate to be the one to bring it up, but IMO, it needed to be...
why should'nt i place them together. combies of frogs can go good. i just need to observe them.
Mixing in Europe is not as big a 'no-no' as it is in the US. To each his own, right?
indeed i think that there is a big difference in keeping darts in europe and in america.
i know several people who have combinations in their tanks and both species breed so what's the problem then? if the frogs don't be agressive to another species then i don't have any problems with it.
sorry, didn't mean to start a fight, just my each his own...

still a great looking viv!!!
no problem, like you say everyone has his own opinion.
Looks really good. I really like how you did the film canisters and the stream. Great work.
thanks for the comments.
I placed my group of amazonicus in the tank on sunday and yesterday i found clutches everywhere. but they all gone bad, first time they breed.
pictures will be posted in a few weeks so you can see the difference in plant grow.
now i'm looking for a 2.2 ameerega hahneli to place in the tank with the amazonicus.
Nice looking jungle there!!! Hey. It's your set up!! Enjoy it!!

I love Europe!!

Since you guys are light years ahead in the hobby.
I lived in Germany for 3 years. Came home 4 months ago. Went on The ICE train from Cologne to Holland just to watch vivaria set ups**** sigh**** OMG.
1 - 20 of 79 Posts
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