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My frog hate me

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Ok,,, last friday i take a journey off of work.... for wash my vivarium and change the subtracts.... I was having a problem with little mite s?&t... so I tried a lot of thing but i discovert that the only thing to do is to change all the thing in the vivarium....

I have read somome were that mantella viridis need moving water to reproduce... So I have make a little river in my 30 gallons.... So my last set-up had a lot of plant in it.... and I put the minimal plant now... They are living on the ground and they supposely prefer cave... so I put two cave... In my last set-up,,, they were always in the place with the less plants.... so...

In my last vivarium I put two bromiliad,, ( yeah I know,,, they don't have bromiliad in madagascar... put they are easy to maintain in a vivarium and they are bieutiful...) They were always in the bromiliad...

The horror now... my three mantellas are in my only false plant, ( is fonction is to hide the electric wire) and they never go in the caves and my two bromiliads.

They are supposely ground frog and they are more in top that my reed frog in my other vivarium... They are always on the top leaves... they were never doing that...

My frog hate me............ :cry:

Thanks every one to let me cry on your shoulder..... my girls friends don't like frog so.... I cannot complain to her..... and when I do.... she make the same face that I am making when she want me going shopping white her.....
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Christian said:
Thanks every one to let me cry on your shoulder..... my girls friends don't like frog so.... I cannot complain to her..... and when I do.... she make the same face that I am making when she want me going shopping white her.....
^^^^That is funny as hell! Your frogs may just be stressed from moving them around and changing the environment. The more you can leave them alone, the happier they will be.
I agree. But even if your frogs hate you at least you have more than one girlfriend, things can't be that bad...

Christian said:
my girls friends don't like frog so.... I cannot complain to her..... and when I do.... she make the same face that I am making when she want me going shopping white her.....
girls not liking frogs?

That's weird. I know in the past, frogs weren't that big. My older relatives dislike any small animals, except dogs and cats, but those aren't that small. This is a weird one. Many thought frogs were ugly in the past, and now everyone thinks they are just among the most beautiful animals ever. Then again, it wasn't until the modern era when we were able to explore the tropical rainforests. One feels like punching Carolus linnaeus for the rude comments he made about frogs.

A LOT of girls, I mean a LOT I know just adore them, and none of them are herpers. I even remember going to my local herp show and the majority of people going to see the dart frogs were girls! It is true though, frogs are more of feminine animal. I believe its because of their child like and cute attributes, also they are water animals, and water traditionally is a feminine element. Not to offend anyone, but I have also noticed that many "fruity guys" like frogs very much. :wink: It doesn't really matter. Masculine or feminine, frogs are awesome. :D
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I have only one girl friend,,,,, I was not really checking my english........

And I am anthropologue and you have totally reason.... women are much relative from water........ in a lot of culture...

To tell more... the inca and the maya, establish a catogarisation (something like that) base on the element.... That was so specialised that some species, the male and female was separate in other species.... But in term of cathegorisation.... they had like 33-40 kind of corn and the europeen 3-10... When the europpeen come they destroye a lot of kind of corn....

My girl friend don't thing of my frog are discusting.... she don't care like I don't care about shopping.... When I am not at home she can give the diner insect.... The only thing that she don't like is the escape fruit fly.... when they jump in the bath or pas on the diner table....

But I have a excuse.... I tell that they fly,,,, mine don't fly... so is not my fruit fly..... That pass when she is not checking the ff.....
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Yo Rain -

What exactly is a "fruity guy"? :?
fruity guy?

Any guy that loves frogs is fruity, better yet, peachy!:D I am nice and peachy! :wink:
Considering this is a frog forum.......not cool 8)
i will have to admidt, that of all the qualities i am lacking, femininity is not one of them.......

So i guess i fit into that category, as much as i dont like it :?

But i bet the tatooed bikers that keep frogs would be a little offended by that statement :D

Crap, i broke a nail, gotta go....
Alot of girls will think frogs are "cute" but after they date someone who makes frogs a huge part of there life and the frogs start getting more praise and attention then they do they get bitter pretty quick towards frogs. "All you seem to care about these days are frogs" "You care more about your frogs then me dont you?"..........(of course i do) LOL on HER last b-day I made her drive out with me to Black Jungle to pick up some FF's.
I have a tatoo and I ride a motorcycle so I guess I fall into the "tatooed biker" catagory, and I'm not offended at all! :p I think it's funny. I thought I got into dart's for the frogs. Now I know the truth! I got into the dart's for the chicks that dig the frogs! Hmmmm, now to find those chicks and convince my wife they are "just visiting" to see the frogs. :twisted:

It's nice to see the lighter side of the board.
chicks dig it

Yah, like at the reptile show, I mentioned to Justin Pierce of Medusa lab that lots of girls like frogs (considering also the gender that surrounded the frog table!) He replied "That's one reason why I got into it!" :D

Frogs sell big time. Any time you go into a hallmark store or any gift place, you are bound to find frog stuff. Stuff for babies and todlers often incorporate frogs. Unfortunately, anuran plastic and stuffed relatives are doing much better than their organic cousins in the wild. It seems as the more they become scarce in the wild, the more popular they become in our pop culture. I think lots of frog stuff is cute, but it bugs me everytime I see things modeled off of bullfrogs. :roll: Always green. :cry: Also, people tend to make the frogs look super ugly. :oops: Except, it was really cool once when I saw a cool frog figurine that looked like a red pumilio! :p Its eyes were a little buggier, like a bullfrog, but its eyes were black and it was painted with red glaze. It was standing on its back legs with a big smile with its hand on its chest to introduce itself. Pretty cool! If I see it again, I'll buy it!
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I noticed the same thing at the Manchester N.H. reptile show. Had a hard time keeping my eyes on the reptiles....

I think we may be on to something here. Maybe a few more shows will confirm it..... :p
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