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Hello! This is my first vivarium. Im always looking for advice and feedback, so feel free to give some, its hugely appreciated. My question is, whats wrong with my pothos? Im suspecting the top leaves are too close to the lightning and they are yellowing because of it? Also, if someone has an idea as to which plant should replace the sansevieria, im all ears (it was first supposed to be a crested gecko tank, thats why its there, but along the way decided on a plant only setup)😀

Plant list:
Pothos njoy
Monstera adansonii
Ficus pumilla var.
Pilea silver sprinkles
Begonia tiger paws
Hedera helix var.
Sansevieria(to be replaced)
Callisia repens?
Alocasia amazonica
String of hearts
Peperomia emerald ripple
Pilea cadierei

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