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Well this is my first attempt at a dart frog tank. It is still in the building process. Hopefully I can fiquire out how to put photos here with out screwing it up.

this is the overveiw of the tank ... 3/dfc5.JPG

this is the pvc pipe that the pump will hide behind making repairs easy ... /dfc13.JPG

this is the view of the waterfall ... /dfc12.jpg
hopefully it worked. no it didnt work. have to fiquire out how to do this.

Mike P

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Well I tried will have to fiquire it out latter. The size of the tank is a 20L. I just got done silicong cork to the pvc pipe. Waterfall was made out side of the tank then siliconed into place. There are 3 tubes that run to the waterfall to 3 differnt spots. These tubes run along the back of the tank and up the outside of the pvc pipe behind the cork curl. The cut out area in the front of the tank is for a pond area.

I still need to put bedding and rocks and plants. Then I will let it run for about a month before I get any frogs. Still deciding which ones to get. Looking more at the Blue and Black Auratus or the Cobalt Tincs. Not sure which one yet.

Let me know what you think of it so far and I will try to answer any ?????? you have if any about the constuction of it so far.

Mike P.
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