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My first tadpoles

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Haven't posted in a while..... mostly on here reading other members' threads. In my period of silence, I've gotten my first dart frog tadpoles (a little while ago). Here are a couple pics of two R. ventrimaculata "Understory Line" tadpoles (I know their taxonomy has changed):


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Sweet! Need to a photo log of them growing up:D
They've grown a bit already, it took me a while to finally post pics. I've been pretty busy with geckos and pygmy chameleons lately..... they take up a lot more time than dart frogs. I'll take pics periodically though. I've gotten more tads and eggs from this group of vents though, so I'm happy.
Grats! I agree that we'll need more pics :D
Thanks! I should probably check for eggs today... yesterday one of the females looked like she was carrying a lot of eggs.
I've never gotten a chance to take pics of the parents. It's a 1.2 group of your standard Understory vents, though. I won't bother them today, I saw them hanging out in the film canister. I'm not going to stress out an expecting mother for a photograph- the health of the animal is my main concern. :]
Eventually I'll post some pics of these guys and the new darts I've gotten recently. I've been busy with a lot of projects over the past month or so, which has kept me from doing a lot of the non-essentials (ex: photography, social life). Not that I mind, I prefer keeping busy.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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