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Sorry to hear about your loss. The bright side is that statistically, she lived longer with you than she would have in the wild, constantly dodging predators. I lost two baby froglets this morning and have no idea why. Amazing how attached we get to things. The loss pulls at my heart and I remind myself we each "rent" our place on Earth for a short while.
I live in NYC and know that Central Park and all the other parks are full of little burial plots for our passed small animals. I also have a friend with a freezer that always has a few frozen passed fish or gerbils in it. She saves them until she can get them to her country house to bury them. I think it is illegal to bury in the parks but thousands do it every year anyway. Even dogs get buried there, which I think are too big.
My froglets are in the compost bin to return to the earth. I'll think of them whenever I garden and give thanks for their contribution to the soil which grows my food.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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