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My backyard (pic heavy)

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Yesterday I went into my backyard to pick some leaf litter (yes, its boiled & baked) for my viv's and found alot of great things. Lots mushrooms, some fungus, moss, climbing vines (some on gates and concrete). This hobby makes you appreciate nature.


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It sure does! :)
I do it all the time everywhere I come.
Searching for little spots that you could use in your viv.
My dream would be a giant indoor jungle but that will never happen...
You never know. I would'nt mind a little green house/ giant viv.
Maybe you could literally have a frog room. Put down a ton of soil in a room, add giant tropical trees and ferns and then have a giant waterfall and put tons of frogs everywhere. It would be awesome!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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