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my attempt at a cork board background viv

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I saw this idea on several threads and thought i would give it a try. this took about 2 months so don't be mislead on the amount of work that goes into it.


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Looking good! I used Pumilo's "cork mosaic" method, too, and really like the results.

As for your tank, it's kind of hard to tell with the small pics but I do like the branches going across the tank. What kind of wood are they? It looks like you have plenty of area to add some cool brom's and maybe an orchid or two!
Holy moss-growth, batman!

What kind of lights are you using?
That looks like straight sphagnum moss to me, just gobs and gobs of it. I've had some growth from the dried sphagnum in my cork mosaic background, but nothing like that.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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