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Well here it is:

Tank: Oceanic 32 Gal Lizard Lounge 24x18x17.
Light: 1x65 watt power compact 1/2 attinic w/moon light.
Pump: Rio

Background: Cocos Pannles (Herpsupplies), cork.
Pond: Peat bricks (Vavarium Concepts)
Drainage: Clay pellets (from a local organic hydroponics store) not
enough the 1st time had to wait a day :evil:
Sump: PVC no glue, can house a heater and pump.

Bromes: Ken @ Peace of the Tropics
Butterwart: Orchids Limited (Local orchid greenhouse)
Air Plants: Orchids Limited
Orchid: Orchids Limited (seen in 1st photo upper left)
Moss: Custom Ecos
Substrate: T&C Terrariums. This is seperated from dranage layer by a
sheet of weed control from a local hardware store.
Waterfall: I used a sheet of plastic just under the falls to keep it moving
into the pond.

Butterwart (Pinguicula vulgaris)

I want to thank everyone on this board for your help. You have answered many of my questions and your past posts have answered many questions I did not even know I had. :lol:

I have too much extra supplies! :x I didn't really plan it just wanted to make 1 tank for now. What to do? :wink: Oh yea, when I bought the used Lizard Lounges it was 3 for the price of 2! :p Be looking for round 2 soon.

I welcome any comments or sugestions.


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that sure looks really nice...seems like there are a lot of walking space for the frogs.

I like the moonlight actinic nice effect but just curious, do they affect the plant's growth?


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