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moss mix for background

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I am trying to make my own moss milkshake and amazon gave me a credit and I want to get some moss off of there.
I plan on just using a blended 50/50 mix of moss and sphagnum and people said that this works well. no beer, yogurt, buttermilk or anything just the mosses and water

This is gonna be for a GS background on a 10g vert

I want to brush it on in some places to fill it in a bit so I don't need much.
I don't really want to use any moss that grows in long strands I want ot to stay short.
No moss that needs a dormancy period either cause in the viv the temps will be the same all year.

so here are a few of the mosses I have found but I'm wondering if they will work...
This one looks to be a deep rooted moss so idk if that changes anything Living Moss - Great For Bonsai, Terrariums: Patio, Lawn & Garden

I'm pretty sure this frog moss might not work. I think it may need a dormant period.

then at petsmart they have this...pretty much the same as the frog moss above lol.

I've also seen some who say to use Java or Riccia moss and I'm sure I can probably get it locally

edit: there is also this moss that looks pretty cool but I think it is temperate and might need a dormant period

I appreciate all the help :)
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For slurry I'd definitely use live moss over the dried stuff. We stopped carrying all the Nature Zone branded dry moss last year since... Well... It sucks. :)
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