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So I previously posted about my Nikitas laying their first clutch of eggs, and asked opinions on using blackwater extract around the eggs. I was advised that it is not necessary for eggs, but more important for tads. The eggs are 9 days old and I found one today that had molded. I know that there can be many reasons for this (looking back at the daily shots I've been taking, I can see that particular egg was always a little off), but can that mold spread to the others? I immediately took it out, I'm just concerned the other eggs are contaminated now, as it was in the middle of the group, is that possible? Would it have been advisable to leave the eggs with the parents to care for? They had introduced dirt into the petri dish (making me nervous that, that would cause mold), which is why I finally decided to take them out. Does the males urine have anti-fungal/mold properties, which under his care would have kept this problem from happening?
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