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Ok so i have some mold growing in a paludarium thats been up for about 3 months.

when i started this tank i had a waterfall type thing made out of mopani. The waterflow was so little though that it was more like a dripwall then a waterfall. So i then decided to cover the mopani wood in some different kinds of moss (i think it was called star moss and java moss) anyway this looked good for a while but then the moss in the middle of the wood, where the waterflow was the strongest, started to deteriorate.
I think this was because the waterflow was alittle to strong there for moss to be growing, what do you guys think?

Anyway after that all the moss in the middle turned into a brown sludge that was stuck on the wood. It looks really gross but i dont think it was bad for the toads in that tank so i just left it hoping it would fix itself. Now that sludge has kind of hardened and the water is actually flowing underneath it so you can even see the water now. I was going to just scrape it all off but im worried that some will fall into the water below and perhaps harm the fish or water quality, any input on this?

The moss to the right and left of the wood is doing quite well and actually starting to cover some of my background, only thing is it now has some mold spots on top of where its doing good. I know it probably isnt harmful for inhabitants but it looks ugly, anyway to help fix this? Anyone else ever have this problem? Is it getting too much water maybe?

I attached some pics so you get an idea. For some reason when i upload from my phone the pictures come out sideways, i will fix this when i can get to a computer.

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