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Don't be afaid of mold inhibitors

Vinegar is a pretty weak mold inhibitor unless used in high amounts, and then the results can be variable But, think about the fly for a second, and mind you I am completely biased here :p . Flies love yeasts and some molds. They eat the stuff among other things. But certain molds can be harmful to your cultures and your flies. We add mold inhibitors to our cultures and are glad that we do. Some molds out there will wipe out your cultures and can even be lethal to your flies. Flies in general are pretty dirty insects. Although they do clean themselves often they track all kinds of stuff around. Mold is everywhere already, take a micobiology class and you be quite blown away by what is out there. So do what you can to inhibit it.

As for the frogs, its not anymore than you already eat. :shock: Yep, mold inhibitors are in almost everything. Lots of home products carry them. Don't be afraid of mold inhibitors. Be afraid of losing your cultures to mold.
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