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I got the "Jewels of the rainforest" book from my library this weekend for some interesting reading while the wife is gone and there is a very cool pic of a male pumillo attacking a male tinc. The caption states, "When I said almost all dendrobatids fight, I meant it. Size is no problem to these little animals, as displayed by the caling male Dendrobates pumilio attacking a male Dendrobates tinctorius that came a bit too close to his territory."

Do those of you that "have a friend" who has a multi-species tank see fighting between different species?

Is this male only behavior, or would female pumillo and female tincs engage in eating each other's eggs?

And then what does this say about frog space in a multi-species tank?

Disclaimer: I do not own any multi-species tanks and this post is not for or against multi-species tanks. The purpose of this post is for knowledge and learning sake only. Please disengage your emotions before posting.
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