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I am setting up a 40B vert and I got a very good deal on a mistking set up with premium nozzles, timer, etc.
What Timer? How Many Nozzles..Wise decision getting it

I was researching how many nozzles to run in the 40B and I began to be a little concerned that a mistking might be OVERKILL. Is this thing going to just drench things too much?
That all depends on how you set it up. Set up varies from tank to tank. You may not need to mist but 1 or 2 times a week, or you might need to mist 2 times an hour depending on your tank set up and factors such as heat and air flow. If you feel you need 5 gallons of Water per Watering your gonna drench things. If your gonna try breeding you may need more Nozzles to ensure water goes into the breeding device on a regular basis.

Is it really designed to be used with multiple vivs only?
No It is Not...1 to up to 70 nozzles depending on which pump you actual got..Post more details and someone can give you better advice on the Number of tanks. Yes It may seem excessive to have a Misting system for just 1 tank but If you do not have a whole lot of Time on your hands then Hand Misting might be the worse decision. Imagine having a 10 Gallon Reservoir and Misting Daily for Half a Year without having to Worry..just fill once in a while. I was spending up to 2 Hours a day filling and spraying my tanks each day..Now I look at the Reservoir and fill it once a Month.

If it will work for me, how many nozzles would you use in a 40B? I am planning on drilling an overflow.
Again to many unknown Variables prevent for saying 1 or 50 Nozzles.
Type of Plants and how Many
Horizontal or Vertical
Your Might not even need to drill the Tank

Thanks for the replies!
Your Welcome
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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