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Just wanted to give you guys heads up about the newest version of MistKing Misting Systems. We always try to make a better working system and this is the latest version that improves on our older design.

Due to some of the desires of what we would like the new timer to do, plus some of the problems and drawbacks that we had with our existing timers (mainly failure rates due to power spikes) we decided to take the bull by the horns and come up with our own timer. Took tons of resources, but we're finally here. We have created a new timer that is perfectly suited to control MistKing systems. These new timers are now part of our new "version 4" misting systems. It is also extremely easy to replace your old timer and use the new timer in your mistking setup.

Since the Ultimate System is going to be the main prize in the upcoming DB contest, read more about it. It is shortly going to be available through our network of distributors as well.

Ultimate System can silently run 1 nozzle or as many as 20 nozzles. Our misting systems have been applied in a multitude of applications, from patio cooling, reptile, amphibian terrarium/vivarium enclosures, growing shelves with orchids or exotic plants, hobby greenhouses, and even grocery and industrial applications. Major ZOOs, botanical gardens, educational institutions, corporations and individual hobbyists all recognized our dedication to quality and customer service and are using our systems throughout the world.


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