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Mist King Magnetic Holders

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I thought I would share here. I have been lurking for a long while, and recently added a Mist King system to my Auratus Vivarium and I needed a way to mount the nozzles and tubing. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to mount it, so I modeled up some magnetic mounts in Fusion 360 and printed them on my 3d printer.

I was really happy with how everything worked out, and the magnets are strong enough that I think I might end up just leaving everything connected/mounted magnetically. I used some 25x5x3 magnets superglued into each side. These are the actual magnets I ordered on Amazon:

I might swap them out for a larger, 25x25mm magnet at some point, but honestly the bond is strong enough through both the Exo-Terra screen and a thin piece of lexan, that I am not sure if I will re-model them for a larger magnet.

I've included a couple photos of the setup, and a couple of my juvenile Auratus just because.

I uploaded the models here, on Printables: Printables

Hood Bumper Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive lighting

Plant Blue Wood Rectangle Shade

Hood Wood Bumper Rectangle Floor

Arthropod Terrestrial animal Electric blue Art Amphibian

Plant Water Terrestrial plant Insect Bedrock
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Nice Viv!
Thank you! My wife did pretty much all of the layout and plant selection. It's really starting to fill in and we are really happy with it.
Neat idea. :)

Uncoated (and also those sold as "epoxy coated") neodymium magnets will degrade/rust in the environment of a dart viv, and will expose and release nickel and copper as they do. Something to keep in mind for long term (weeks) use, and for other applications.
That is not something that even crossed my mind, and that is a great point. I suppose I could enclose the magnets entirely within the print, but even then printed pieces are not typically watertight. Another option might be a rubberized coating for the entire printed piece, but I would have to spend some time looking the toxicity of that as well.

Well, back to the drawing board! After I realized how well they held, I was hoping I found a way to mount everything without modifying the screen.
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I would probably coat the magnets in epoxy to prevent corrosion. Gorilla glue sells one you can get at hardware stores for $6-10.

I think that is what I am going to do as a sgorter term solution and monitor them closely. I think I might still try to refine this to a better product. I'm looking at some other methods of making 3d printed parts water tight, as well as some slicer and material modifications. I might also just switch over to trying to do it with ferrite magnets, which seem to be much safer.
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