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after 4 bad clutches of eggs, my patricias finnaly came through with a good clutch of three eggs. i was afraid i would mess them up so i left the eggs there. after about two and a hlaf-three weeks i saw 2 tads come out of the egg the other egg never formed correctly. these are my first tads so i was contemplating to either remove them or take them out. iafter alot of thought i decided to remove them. this morning i go to take them out and there is only one there. did the parents eat the other one? could they have moved it? the only other places in my tank with water are the bromelias and i checked them... nothing. anyone have any thoughts?
Also since these are my first tads i have no experince raising them just the reading ive done. i am goin to pul the remaing tad out and put it in a small tupperware. i bought powdered spirulina to feed. how often should i feed and change the water, and where should i place the container?
any advice would be greatly appreciated..

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If the tads made it long enough to hatch then the parents probably transported it. I've never heard of a frog eating a tadpole but females will eat each others eggs. It sounds like you are on the right track with the tadpole. Spirulina is a good food for them. You can also use vitamin enriched fish flake food. Feed them everyday but only a small amount. Depending on how large a countainer you are housing them in you should siphon out the waste and add fresh water about once a week. Keep them at room temperature. Good luck.
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