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Minnesota Newbe Frogger in need

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I am new to the hobby and am having a hard time in Minneapolis, MN or Wisconsin area finding anyone who carries supplies or even frogs. Any ideas? Know anyone? Until then I am using the internet.

I am currently setting up a vavirum for poison arrow frogs and will post pics of the process. I plan on using clay pellets for the bottom dranage layer. Terra Lite. O.K.? Then a layer of gravel then peat and finally live moss. Any ideas on where to find live moss (other than out side)?

I will start raising fruit flies before I aquire frogs. Any sugestions?

I am not quite ready for frogs but would like to contact some local breeders. I appreciate all the help.

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Hey Jason,
Congratulations on getting into frogs. It isn't easy getting supplies for frog vivariums, especially at pet stores. You will have to get a little creative. I find it is more like setting up a garden. The internet can be your friend and mail order from many of the links on this this dendroboard are a great start.

The terra-lite sounds great. As for getting moss. There are a few plant suppliers that carry different mosses that should do well in a tropical environment. The ones outside usually need a cold period to do well and since the frogs don't like it too cold the moss usually perishes, not always just usually.

As for fruit flies there are many good suppliers online. I would recommend both D. melanogaster and D hydei. The melanogaster are smaller, but culture fairly quickly, while the hydei take longer, but are much more filling for a larger species of frog and worth the wait. With a combo of the two you should never run out of food.

Local breeders and hobbyists are great to have around, but may be hard to find. Another good way to get frogs and information is to go to a local herp/reptile show in your area. Not guaranteed to find frogs, but with some research you never know.

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Terra-Lite can be found much cheaper and easier under the brand name Hydroton. It's popular for hydroponic gardening, and some large nurseries carry it. You can also order it online, even off ebay. Another more generic name is LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate).

Hi Jason, Welcome to Dendroboard.
I live an hour and a half north of the cities, in Siren WI.
I currently have quite a few Panamanian green and black auratus CB froglets coming out of the water, and my imitators just started laying eggs.
As far as supplies, I get my LECA from Brew and Grow, in Fridley. Linder's greenhouse in Roseville (I think) has an awesome variety of plants, including tillandsias. They also carry a lot of orchid supplies including bark chips, tree fern plaques, and smaller bags of LECA.
Twin cities reptile seems to be the only place around to find big slabs of cork bark and cork tubes. Their prices on just about everything are on the high side though. They usually have true pinhead crix in stock if you wan't some variety or you're FF cultures crash.
Leaping lizards in Burnsville also carries pinheads, and I've also seen them sell some various darts, and mantellas.
By far the best buy in Aquariums is at Forest lake pets.
Here is a pic of one of the Auratus froglets.
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Thanks for the posts. This website is so informative. To those who did not respond to this post, thanks for all your other posts. You all have and will continue to inspire me and teach me so much.
I live in Iowa and know how hard it is finding things for vivs.The net is your friend.That and getting to know people helps when you are looking for plant cuttings.I have gotten alot from some very nice people on here.They know who they are so I will leave it at that so people don't hit them up too much :wink: .Good luck and have fun.
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