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Happy holidays everyone!

I currently have a large 150 gallons vivarium with many broms, orchids....... and algae. :?

Anyway, I have a small problem with millipedes. I'm not sure how they got in there but right now I am the successful breeder of a real army of them. The adults are around 1/4" long and light brown in color. They seem to eat dead plant matters for now which makes sense from what I've been able to read on them.

There are no frogs yet in that viv and I wonder if some would help?? They certainly are the right size for the big dard frogs species but I wonder if their odor defence abilities would keep the frogs away from them.

Also, would any of you have any advice on how I could keep their numbers low.(besides adding frogs..:))


I have two ,that I have seen, in my green pumilios viv.One was about 1/2" from a clutch of eggs feeding on a the corkbark.I just left it there to see if it would attach the eggs but it didn't.
I like having other lifeforms in my vivs just so they don't cause problems.If they start to "infest" it they won't be the hardest thing to catch.I took out one awhile back and all it did was roll into a ball to prtect itself.
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