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I've just had the displeasure of learning that one of my tanks have millipedes.

Fortunately they're quite small (about as long as the tip of my pinky), seems to keep to themselves (I saw two scurrying into the sphagnum moss in my background and it's been at least three months since I've added something to the vivarium that hasn't been bleach dipped —some dried leaves) so they must've been there quite some time before discovery, and they don't seem to be booming. They also don't seem to be bothering my Leucs.

Unfortunately that contaminated tank is on a rack with another newly constructed tank situated right beneath it and I'd rather not get that tank also infested with millipedes. It should be noted that these two tanks have zero direct contact. Thus far I've put around an inch of double sided tape all around the infested tank starting from right below the front vents as a precaution, that way the millipedes have no way to leave the enclosure without getting trapped (unless they fall off the enclosure at an angle instead of scaling down the glass, I guess).

My question is: do these millipedes present enough of a cross contamination risk for it to be worth phoning in a favor with a friend to have them help me lift the contaminated vivarium and move it elsewhere? Maybe set it up on a another table in the room? What would you do in such a situation? It should be noted that I intend to dismantle the viv and move my Leucs to a larger enclosure in about a month's time regardless so I don't want to bother with CO2 bombing it.

Thank you.
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