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Howdy - I have three ~2 month old milk frogs, two of which seem healthy and one who doesn't keep down food longer than half a day. He only sort of understands that crickets are food, but loves small dubias and will eat 2-3 of them any time. Food gets dusted every time. Until recently i had never taken him out to eat, but fearing that he wasn't eating at all, I took him out 3 times this week, and he ate right away every time. I'm trying to avoid that handling but... i need dude to eat and he doesn't hunt the crickets in the vive. Regardless of what he eats, the next day i find it barely digested near him. I've only caught him throwing it up once, but it seemed to go fine - stomach comes out, stomach goes in, little dude goes on with his day. Unsurprisingly he is much skinnier than his 2 tank mates, and his clock is a bit different (or hes just always hungry) - he wakes up earlier in the evening and goes to sleep later in the morning - but otherwise seems normal. I am guessing that it is a male based solely on how plump his 2 tank mates are beginning to get, but cant say for sure yet.

They live in a planted 18x18x36. The vive was set up about 3 months before the addition of the frogs, temp naturally sits between 70-85 and an auto mister keeps humidity between 70-90%. There's some natural light, a t5 grow light, and a mild uvb can. Soaking and misting water is treated with ReptiSafe conditioner. Plants, cuc bugs, and other 2 milkies are happy.

Any ideas how i can help my dude keep down his food?

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