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No huge updates or crazy announcements this week. We're keeping it quick & simple with a sale on fruit flies. :)

Melanogaster cultures as low as $3.66/ea this week! Prices:
1 Freshly Started: $3.99/ea
4 Pack Freshly Started: $14.99
4 Pack (3 Fresh, 1 Producing): $18.99
6 Pack Freshly Started: $21.99
6 Pack (5 Fresh, 1 Producing): $23.99

While supplies last! Available only in our sale section.

Temps are great in CT this week for shipping, so as long as temps in your area are below 80F, these should all ship for $7.00 flat. :)

Also don't forget we have everything you need to make your own fly cultures! Aside from all the supplies - We've also got our media and Repashy's media IN STOCK and ready to ship. We also include a tiny bag of active yeast for free with every bag of fly media sold (ours and Repashy's), so that's one less thing you have to worry about when making cultures. :)

Thanks as always everyone!
-Mike @ NEHERP


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