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As I don't see many pics of them here there we go...
One of my favourite ever frogs.
Happily got 2.1 group with male calling everynight ...calling...SHOUTING.I even got prepared answer to the neighbour :D ...what strange noise...? :confused::p
Greetings from London.
Good job everyone


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Hi Guys.
I bought them from my fish supplier company called Neil Hardy LTD
They don't deal with reptiles or amphibians normally only sometimes they've got nasutas.(?)
About breeding, my friend Toby is breeding them as a only very few people in Europe as far as I am concern, which is not easy as we all know.He's saying that mortality of young froglets is incredible and believe me that guy knows he's stuff.Out of interest you can have a look at his website if you want to.
Very positive maniac;)
Home > Megophrys nasuta - Giant Malaysian Leaf Frog
with the cutest picture ever

As a side note.
Yesterday I lost one of my old green friends.
Very old Green Iguana-Lady Dragon which i had from the friends from RSPCA for a last few years-the most dorsal Iguana ever who nobody wanted and left on the streets of London in the cartoon box!!!:mad:.
Yesterday evening she didn't wake up... i'm so upset i won't be even reading about frogs tonight:(

RIP Lady D
To the next one.
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