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Can anyone give me directions to Mid Atlantic Reptile Show? We will be there on Sat...I'd love to meet some of you...btw im in the market for some thumbnails (pumilio, imitators) and galacts...if anyone is going that has some please pm me. Thanks in advance for the directions (I'm coming from NJ) and I hope to see you all there.


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MARS Directions

I can certainly give you directions to the MARS show. I wish I was going to this show but have to work this weekend. From NJ the easiest way to get there is by using major interstates. Take 95 South until you get to the White Marsh area of Maryland, take 695 West toward Towson. In approx. 10 miles take 83 North, the first exit on the right is Timonium Rd. Turn left on York Rd. and the Maryland State Fairground comes up on your left. Parking should be free as in years past. The reptile crowd will be in the 4-H Hall. By the way this location is exteremly close to the IAD location so make your plans to come back for that great event as well. Enjoy the show it has been a terrific show in the past.
Their are directions at their web site. I'm looking to seeing many Dendroboard, Frognet, and people their. Several people are members of all 3.
I am going to go this year. I really like this show.

For all those interested, I think we'll be meeting at noon in the food tent. It wa supposed to be for PADS people, but it seems more people will be there than we thought, so let's make it a dendroboard meet and greet.
We might be there too...

After speaking with Justin and running the idea by Sarah, we are going to try to make it to this show too.

I think it would be a great time, and it will nice as a mini vacation too.

Just wanted to say thanks for the directions. Ryan and I are looking forward to meeting you all.


Mike & Ryan
Food Tent? what happened to...

meeting at the IAD table? Will you have a sign for all of us newbies out there so we can find you?
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