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anybody else have this in their vivs? i have two different species which are growing well. one i collected spores and have in a dish, it started growing quickly and has slowed down abit now although its not fully grown. the other has larger leaves and is in a ten gallon as ground cover where it has released spores which are beginning to grow on a piece of wood. this is such cool stuff.
you can attatch it to virtually any surface.
i have also found a sort of moss type thing but instead of the tiny leaves and stems moss has it has little tubules. this stuff spreads quickly and provides a dense mat similair to moss. it grows on anything too as i discovered when having washed a patch of it in a stainless steel pan before trasplanting into a viv i found three weeks later it was growing on the side of a stainless steel pan! :lol:
so many cool plants :p
also i am soon to be building a twenty gallon viv or azeures and was wondering if anybody thinks it would be ok to use mopani wood if they are first sterilised because i have a couple of really cool big bits.
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