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I have a mantellas viridis for 3 years now and he is always calling. I buy im from a pet shop and he was my first frog... And now I am crazy... To tanks him I decide to buy some female.... I wait for two years to find them in montreal...

Ok.... the problem is that I am not sure now that is is a true viridis...... He enter all the description,,, but the coloration off is back is more off a crocea... He have the white and black mask but the back is more brown-green... The other thing, he is really more dark that the female...

So can you send me some picture of viridis,,, different color.... help me please and tell me that I am just crazy......

Tanks you

PS: Sorry for my english, I will try to put a picture put I have to get one first...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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