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Hi does anybody out their have any suggestion why my mantellas are dying. I bought 5 mantellas last year from DART FROG in the uk, does this guy breed them alot, anyway I got them posted to me by courier and were very small indeed.
I have them about 1 year and very few months 1 by 1 they have been dying and this morning I noticed the female streched out on her back dead.... fully feed and fat. Now I have a 1 male left he seems ok ...Huh?
I feed them good, temps and humity are good, all normal the tank never goes above 71f on a hot day.
Are these frogs prone to early they need a large viv ..I have an aurtuas pair that have breed that are ok?
I have a feeling the quality of these frogs are.nt too good maybe too much in breeding ?Next time ill buy from a private source at least I might get better quality, but dont know they were bad quality... when he sent over the first 4 one died within the first two weeks.
Now I have one mantella in a 2ftx2ft tank.
tx ps is their anydody know where I could get my hands on any to be shipped to ireland. :(
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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