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Male Intermedius eating eggs.

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This is a strange one. I don't know if I would have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

Last night, I looked into the Intermedius cage, and noticed one of the frogs (a male I just added over the weekend) whose face looked really swollen. Upon further inspection, it looked like there was something stuck in his mouth - or his toungue was really swollen (like when they drown) and he couldn't shut his mouth.

So, I pull him out to take a closer look. I remove some pieces of spaghum, but can't figure out the blockage. So, using a small set of tweezers, I tried to move the object in his mouth. By this time, I had a closer look and came to the conclusion they looked like little stryofoam balls, like you will find in potting soil. So, I was really worried.

WRONG, the little bugger had 2 eggs in his mouth. I gently teased them from his mouth amazed at his little trick and added him back into the tank. Upon closer inspection, I found 2 additional eggs in the tank not 3 inches from where I had found him earlier.

Has anyone else had an issue like this?

There is a possiblity the tank holds a 2.1, because I can't find one of the frogs - but I have only seen 1 of the males for over a week.

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Ya, that is what was surprising, usually I have heard of the females being the ones eating the eggs, not the males.

but, anything can happen. How are you doing with your search for female intermedius?

rmelancon said:
I've had reticulatus eat eggs in the past. Don't remember if it was the male or female. Usually occurs if there are 2 of the same sex present, they will eat the eggs they think are not their own, although it can happen with a single pair.

I don't know, but the thought came to mind. You would think if he wanted to 'eat' them the eggs would have been gone!

Has anyone seen this behavior before?

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it. I think I was so shocked by what I saw I forgot.

I will keep everyone up to date.
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