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Male D. azureus attempting to escape from vivarium

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I do not have an automatic mist system, but i am thinking about buying one. So every day (usually in the morning and in the evening) I open up the vivaria and give the frogs a misting from a handheld spray bottle. For a while now one of my azureus has been trying to escape during the misting; luckily he usually tries to get out on the wrong side of the vivarium. Then there's times when he simply wedges himself into the top of the viv. He has been doing that constantly ever since i made a minor change of their home. I'm concerned that he will escape when i'm not paying attention to him and i need some help on what to do. Thank you for helping.
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Either keep an eye on him or get a bigger viv.

Edit- you could also mist at night after he's gone to his coco for some shut eye
Sometimes a change in their routine or surroundings will have them bouncing around a bit or even hiding. Give him a chance to settle in and just be extra careful when the door is open.
You also might not have to mist every day. He`ll be fine.

What are the specs of the enclosure? How big is it and how many roommates does he have? Constant "trying to escape" can be a sign of stress.
My male Azureus just tried this the other day and almost got away with it!

I was off in my own little world misting and straightening up his tank when suddenly something clicked in my head... "Did he just crawl past my arm a minute or so ago?!?!" In horror, I frantically started looking all around. Yep...there he was sitting right on the tank next to his watching me! Little booger! I nudged him towards the open lid on his tank and he jumped right back in. :)

Just don't let your guard down! They know when you're not paying attention!
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