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Making a lid

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I have 2 - 1/16" pieces of glass cut for a 20 gallon extra tall viv (same dimensions as a 10 gallon stacked 2 high).

Would this be durable enough, or would you scrap it and do something else?

It was the thickest glass that they had at Lowes, and Home Depot apparently doesn't cut glass anymore because a customer got injured.

I'm not too familiar with making a lid, as I've mainly used Exo Terra's and vertical inserts in the past.

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I work with glass for a living and I build all my vivs. I would not use anything less than 1/8" DS (Double Strength) glass.
Thanks Doug, I'll be getting it re-cut in 1/8" Double Strength then, hopefully I find time to do it tomorrow.

I was skeptical about the 1/16", not worth the risk.
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