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Due to a hardware failure, our website is being temporarily hosted a different URL through this weekend. Both of our domains and should automatically redirect you.

The site is still 100% secured by PayPal, and the web store is now up and running at the temporary domain. The site should be back to the normal address by Monday.

(Due to the remote hosted server - this post will be mostly devoid of links, since after Monday they'll all be defunct)

This season's forum deals are now up and running! Our forum deals ALWAYS have free shipping which can apply to most everything else on the site. :eek: For those that aren't familiar with our forum deals - they are exclusively available to members of the forums we sponsor. (like this one ;) )

We've still got the September Plant Sale going on with tons of plants on sale. Peperomias in pots as low as $1.99, vines & trailing plants in pots as low as $1.99, Rex Begonia 4" pots for as low as $4.49, enormous strawberry begonia pots (overflowing with plantlets... I'm not sure how the heck we can ship these lol) for $4.95, bags of live moss for as low as $4.49, and for the gecko people out there - 10"-14" tall Sansevieria potted plants for just $2.99! These prices with plants of our quality are not going to be beaten anywhere.

Bromeliads, Tillandsias, and plenty of other plants are now back in stock!

We've got some stupid nice Selaginella in stock and ready to go.

^^^ Selaginella kraussiana variegatus - 4" pots - $6.95

Selaginella kraussiana - Awesome 4" pots - $4.95

Selaginella erythropus - 4" pots - $6.99

We're taking preorders on our vertical conversion kits which before now have been out of production since 2009. We've been getting tons of emails asking us to build our kits again, so it's about time! :) As always we're using 3/16" glass, 100% stainless steel & aluminum hardware, and of course our original acrylic hinge which will never wear out. There's a 5 business day wait time on these for now. If there's enough demand - we'll begin to stock them in the retail store & be able to ship out a bit faster.

Also we've changed our shipping rates (lower, of course):

Lastly - a reminder to everyone from New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and of course Connecticut - Fed-Ex Ground is almost always a NEXT DAY DELIVERY from us since we're so close to you! :) You can save a bunch of shipping money ordering from us using Ground shipping on perishables like bugs, plants, and feeder insects.

Thanks as always,


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