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Email OR Telephone Contact Preferred (May Take Longer Otherwise):

I have plenty of magnolia leaves here to sell. I NEVER run out (With exception of snow and rain, when stocks need to be replaced.). These are small to large leaves, sometimes green (not usually) to yellow to brown. They have never been treated chemically wise or have ever been exposed to trucks that spray chemicals in the air. They do need to be cleaned when you get them, but I hope you would be doing that anyway.

To be clear: anyone ordering over one box will be placed in the same box or if the quantity is higher than it could be in more boxes.

Deal One: Grade A
There are approximately 150 per box (3 or more 1 gallon size bags.). USPS is $14 a box (includes shipping) 2-3 day mail (Prices May Differ for HI, Alaska, Internationally). These leaves have minimal to no holes. I'm very picky with these. [$24 for 2 boxes | $34 for 3 | All orders over 3 boxes are custom. All Prices Include Shipping.]

Deal Two: Grade B & C & D
$11 a box | Mailing Shoe Box Stuffed | (includes shipping) 2-3 day mail (*Prices May Differ for HI, Alaska, Internationally) These leaves have holes, tears, but still in descent condition to not so attractive (broken).

All orders will be photographed for quality purposes.
You can see my references here or my ITrader under my profile on (atlfrog) or

I can break deals on larger orders as you will get more for your buck. Thanks again! (Please allow 24/48 to process.)

To place an order, email me! [email protected] (also my Paypal Address)
"We have a proven track record since 2006, let us see what we can do for you."

Thanks and happy building.

Other services include, tattoo design and banner design (460px by 60px). Tattoo designs are based on color variation, detail and size, and banner designs are $15 a piece. If you are interested in our work please drop us a line at [email protected]
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