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Mag-natural pot plant quesiton

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So i have two of these Mag-naturals (basically magnetic pots for the tank) but they dont have any holes on the bottom for drainage?

So should i poke a hole, do i need one?

And since half of the tank has some fish/ aqautic plants,, what is the best fish- safe substrate to use on the top half with the plants just in case some falls in the tank?? ( i also have a mistking set-up)

And what should i use again for the substrate for the plant pot since i cant use regular dirt since it will be harmful to my fish/ aquatic plants?
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Normal cheap potting soil mixed with peat moss will be fine. Use at least 60% of peatmoss. Take a small drill bit and make a small hole or two into the bottom. Water will find a way out. It won't harm your fish or aquatic plants if you don't use a heavily fertilized topsoil. Or if its something that can handle lots of water, then just put a few rocks in the bottom and call it day.
will some Sphagnum and gravel be fine for a brom?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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