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luec viv

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finished construction on a luec viv. Not really a journal but thought I'd share. They love all the ledges and baskets. I've heard a ton of calling so I'm sure there will be little ones soon.

So far I've really enjoyed these guys. A beginner frog but awesome. Audible call, bold, and love to climb.
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He looks more yellow than goldish orange. Is it just the pic, or is mine just more orange?
They are both very very bright yellow. Not a hint of orange. I've been told certain supplements and lighting can turn them more orange.
I bet they love climbing around in there! I don't have many ledges in my Leuc tank, but, the ones I have are used all the time. They like to hop from the ledges onto the tops of tall pothos. Sometimes they miss :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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