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hey there! new to the forum and to this hobby!

my buddy just informed me of dart frogs today actually, and im already interested. so, I have a few simple "heard it a million times before" questions. my plan, is to use either a 10g or 20g tank..what are my options? I want to keep the cost down as much as possible. Having said that, for a 10g tank... what am I looking at for startup cost? Secondly, maintenance , what's it like in this hobby? Hate to say it, but it's always hard to find time, I have a saltwater tank up and running so I am sure I can handle the husbandry. Just curious...

are the dart frogs lethal? as in, can one harm me?
how much are dart frogs? (recommendations welcomed)
what do these frogs diet consist of?
how many frogs can be kept in a 10g tank?
lastly but CERTAINLY not least... how loud are these critters? i have a family of light-sleepers! when I say light, I mean light ! haha

So just the basics here folks, need to make sure I want to set this up, and if I can even afford it right now. It doesn't sound too pricy, correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks guys

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Quite a few questions - I'll try to answer them as concisely as possible

1) Dart frogs raised in captivity are non-toxic and not dangerous.

2) Dart frogs range from around $30 for standard auratus to several hundred dollars for rarer species. Fortunately, popular species such as auratus and leucomelas are relatively inexpensive.

3) A standard diet for captive dart frogs consists mainly of flightless fruit flies that you raise yourself. Very easy to do. You can supplement their diet with springtails, will need to provide a mineral/vitamin supplement to actively growing frogs. Fairly straightforward.

4) Two of the larger species such as auratus can be kept in a 10 gallon setup though some will do better as adults in a 20 gallon.

5) Dart frogs are day active and will not be calling at night. Most dart frog calls are very soft and difficult to hear. I doubt if they will keep your family up at night.

Costs for a 10 gallon viv are really a function of how fancy you want to go. Probably between 100 and 200 dollars for a nice setup though if you are handy and into DIY, you can do this fairly inexpensively. There are a lot of people on this board with great posts and excellent advice on setups.

I find that darts are pretty low maintenance. Misting their enclosure once or twice a day, feeding them flies every day...minimal viv maintenance...a real pleasure.

Good luck and welcome to the board.


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I would suggest using a search engine(yahoo, google) and look up dart frogs and visit as many different sites as possible and read their information. Browsing this forum and reading alot of posts will answer most of your questions as well. Also if there is a PDF breeder or hobbiest near you that you could visit and learn from would probably be the best.

Good luck and happy frogging!

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