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I agree with Pumilio. I was using tadbites before and i would get decent results. But about 3 months ago i had about 100+ tads and i lost about 40 and it was really discouraging coming home to dead tads everyday. I decided to change my whole system so I switched over to the ocean nutrition formula one flakes, and also the ocean nutrition spirilina flakes. I also switched from 8oz to 16 oz. I also started adding almond leafs with magnolia leafs with java moss and the water looks a clearish brown. I have not lost any since. The food is alot more nutritional, the tea water changes ammonia to ammonium (safer ammonia) and also with the 16 oz i dont do water changes but add water when they begin to get low.
Best of luck

I don't think this would cause the outright death, but is a nutrition concern. Read the ingredients on a package of high quality fish flake compared to the ingredients in tad bites. The fish flake has more, high quality seafoods and less fillers. Also, spirulina is rather old school for a stand alone feed. I mix it into my feed, but not rely on it as a stand alone.
Consider Ocean Nutrition Formula One flakes, with some added Cyclop-Eeze freeze dried. A little spirulina mixed in wouldn't hurt but is probably not necessary.
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