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As of sep 9, 2004 i would have had my first 2 blue sipaliwini tincs for 1 year. over the past week i noticed one of my blue sips was starting to become skinny. I never noticed any fighting or any thing. Then i moved her (believe its a she) to s quaranten (sp?) tank. Gave her lots of FFs, and some springtails. She ate them with no hesitation.

She started to look better getting a little more plump So i wasnt as worried thinking it was probibly stress another dart was causing her. I come home this evening and shes dead :(

It is really shocking cause when she was younger I thought she would rule the tank cause of her personality. My other 3 blue sips look to be in fine condition. Active, eating, every thing.

man this sucks. I would like to have a ?necropsy? done but right now i dont have the cash.

heres a picture of her taken about 4 months ago (the one in the background)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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