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Looking for insight on background materials.

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Does anyone know what the easiest type of moss is to get to grow on a background and where it can be purchased? Java Moss for planted aquariums perhaps? I am looking to silicone the pieces of cork flatsto the back glass, great stuff the gaps and cut it down then cover with some type of moss preferably something that will grow. The end result will be the habitat for two leaf tail geckos of some sort. Also wondered if anyone had any experience with creating water features? My dilemma here is how to step down from the output of a power head to several air line tubes to create several drip wall points. The only manufactured manifold out there that I could find had too many outputs and was bulky and difficult to hide. Thanks in advance for any input.
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Java moss in my experince needs to be always wet, not just high humidity but wet. I have seen some people use a type of fern like moss, but im not sure exactly what it is. As for the the pump, sunterra makes some pond power heads with flow control. Also look into Little Giant pumps.
Its not so much the pump that is the problem but distribution after the pump, I can get by with all kinds of small aquarium and some terrarium pumps sold within the hobby but do not know how to step down from the 5/8 or 3/8 inch output from the powerhead to several air line tubes.
Use a section of smalll pvc water tubing (I think it is 1/2 inch) and drill small holes at the distance of your choice. The diameter of the tube is easy to figure out a step down or simply use a barbed T to connect to the line off of the pump.
It would probably be easier to simply set up a misting system on the tank and plumb it it drain automatically.

Java moss has worked great for me. I coat the back and sides an pieces of wood with it an evenually it spreads. It does need to be moist. I usually spray every other day but if yu are going to have several drip points yu should have no problem with Java moss. The little epiphytes love growng through it.
How do you attach the java moss? Wet or Dry? Just use brown silicone as a bonding agent?
Ed I was hoping to be able to hide drip line (air line tubing) in the great stuff background and cut it off flush. However I am having difficulty finding any type of plumbing parts to go from the 3/8 or 5/8 to the air line tubing.
Are you mounting the pump internally or externally in a sump? If you are mounting it externally, then it is easy as you can simply mount the 1/2 tube up the back and use it for the drip wall. If you drill the holes small enough, you don't have to use airline tubing as the holes in the 1/2 tubing will function the same way.

If you mount it internally you can run it right off the end of the pump up and to an elbow. As with above, you drill small holes and skip the airline tubing.

If you are looking to have a specific drip area then you are going to be better off using black irrigation tube and the barbed tees that connect to the smaller tubing like airline tubing see Drip Irrigation - DripWorks Drip Irrigation Systems & Supplies for one supplier.

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