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LOoking for a good wall coverer

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Hey, I was hoping someone would know of a good plant to use that will spread rapidly across a semi moist coco matting wall. I already have tons of creeping fig, and pothos and I wanted to try something else. So, anything you can help me out with will be appreciated.

Ed Parker
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Artillery Plant (pilea microphylla) is a great dripwall plant, but it will probaly take over the rest of the tank as well. Selaginella will also work.
Cissus amazonica works very well, but you have to prune it back continually and train it to where you want it to go.

Try some of the Dischidia species for some variation (e.g. D. platyphylla is relatively inexpensive and looks very cool; it needs to be kept high and dry...the ants plants, rafflesiana and pectinoides, have given me some trouble in the past, but after 2 years, I have finally gotten correct placement down).
Ficus pumilia also works well, but like most fast growing plants, you'll find yourself pruning it very often.

I got a really neat wrinkly leaf version from Home Depot. Was grown by Exotic Angels, so should be available at both Home Depot and Lowe's, since they both carry Exotic Angels plants.
Target carries exotic angels too.
Ficus pumilia actually is also known as creeping fig (comes in at least 4 varieties).

Creeping jenny is also an idea, loves to spread all over wet areas.
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